Clan Denny – 10 Yr Bunnahabhain 750mL


Dive into the exquisite flavors of Clan Denny’s 10 Yr Bunnahabhain, a prized selection from our rich array of fine spirits. Hailing from Scotland, this single malt Scotch embodies complex layers of taste, delivering a smooth, refined experience. Aged for a decade, its nuanced character promises to elevate any occasion. Perfect for gifting or adding to your collection, now available with nationwide delivery.

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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary character of Clan Denny’s 10 Yr Bunnahabhain, a remarkable scotch-single spirit that encapsulates the essence of Scotland’s famed Islay region. This exceptional 750mL offering from the esteemed Clan Denny brand boasts not only a decade of meticulous aging but also a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that speak to the connoisseur’s soul.

Hailing from one of Islay’s most respected distilleries, Bunnahabhain, this scotch is renowned for its distinctive blend of mellow smoothness and deep, complex flavors. Unlike its Islay counterparts, which are often heavily peated, the 10 Yr Bunnahabhain offers a subtler peat profile, allowing a symphony of nuanced flavors to shine through. Expect to be greeted by a smooth, rich palate of sea salt air, sweet vanilla, and a hint of spice, complemented by an undercurrent of gentle smoke – a true reflection of its coastal heritage.

Each sip of this exquisite spirit is a journey through Islay’s unique landscape, with its rugged coastlines and peat-laden soils infusing every drop with character and depth. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado of Scotch whiskies or a curious explorer eager to delve into the world of single malts, this Clan Denny 10 Yr Bunnahabhain is a must-have for your collection.

Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this distinguished scotch carries with it the store’s promise of delivering fine wine and good spirits. Experience the essence of Islay and enjoy this magnificent offering from our extensive wine and spirit collection, whether you’re near or far, as we ship to all 50 states, ensuring that a taste of Scotland’s heritage is never out of reach. Add a touch of elegance to your next celebration or quiet evening with this sterling example of Clan Denny’s craftsmanship, perfectly encased in a 750mL bottle waiting to unfold its story in your glass.

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