Stolichnaya – Strasberi 1L


Discover the luscious Stolichnaya Strasberi, a 1L masterpiece of vodka hailing from the rich tradition of Latvian spirit craftsmanship. Perfectly infused with the essence of ripe strawberries, this vodka introduces a sweet and vibrant flavor to your glass. Ideal for crafting summery cocktails or savoring neat, elevate your spirit collection with this exquisite choice from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant.

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Discover the essence of summer with Stolichnaya – Strasberi, a premium vodka that marries the traditional craftsmanship of Stolichnaya vodka with the sweet, vibrant flavors of fresh strawberries. This 1L offering from the heart of Russia brings a refreshing twist to your favorite cocktails and serves as a splendid choice for those who appreciate a fine vodka with a unique flavor profile.

Crafted using the finest ingredients, Stolichnaya Strasberi taps into the rich tradition of Russian vodka production. The base of the highest quality grain is distilled and then married with the natural essence of ripe strawberries, creating a vodka that is both smooth and bursting with flavor. Its aroma evokes a freshly picked basket of berries, while on the palate, it delivers a subtle sweetness complemented by a crisp, clean vodka finish. This harmonious blend ensures that each sip transports you to a lush, summer strawberry field.

Perfect for a variety of occasions, Stolichnaya Strasberi shines whether served neat, on the rocks, or as the key ingredient in a wide range of cocktails. Its versatile profile makes it an ideal match for creating refreshing summer drinks, sophisticated martinis, or simply adding a fruity twist to classic vodka beverages.

Hailing from the venerable Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in Commack, New York, this strawberry-infused vodka can be conveniently shipped to all 50 states or picked up locally. Whether you’re crafting a gift for someone special, complete with wine gift box and bottle engraving options, or simply exploring the depths of your own wine rack and spirit collection, Stolichnaya Strasberi is a distinguished choice that promises to elevate your drinking experience with its exceptional quality and unforgettable flavor.

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