Tussock Jumper – Zinfandel 750mL


Discover the robust flavors of Tussock Jumper Zinfandel, a 750mL gem from our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant selection. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking a rich and hearty wine, it offers a delightful experience with its full-bodied taste and nuanced notes. Ideal for any occasion, enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery from Commack, New York. Elevate your wine collection today!

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Discover the exceptional Tussock Jumper Zinfandel, a highlight of our wine selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, where we are committed to delivering fine wine and good spirits right to your doorstep, nationwide. This Zinfandel, housed in a 750mL bottle, stands out for its exquisite flavor profile and its origin, heralding from the renowned wine-producing regions that imbue each sip with the essence of the locale’s rich terroir.

Tussock Jumper is a brand that prides itself on connecting wine enthusiasts with high-quality vintages from around the world, and their Zinfandel is no exception. Crafted with grapes sourced from some of the finest vineyards, this wine is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and flavor. With Tussock Jumper Zinfandel, you invite into your wine glass a medium-bodied wine that elegantly balances fruity and spicy notes. Expect a palate teeming with the lushness of ripe berries, a subtle hint of black pepper, and a whisper of oak that altogether culminate in a smooth, well-rounded finish.

Perfect for any occasion, from casual evenings at home to formal celebrations, Tussock Jumper Zinfandel can elevate any meal, pairing brilliantly with a wide array of cuisines. Add it to your wine selection and indulge in the robust flavors that have been carefully curated for your enjoyment. Whether you’re looking to pick up locally in Commack, New York, or have this delightful bottle delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the US, we’ve got you covered. Opt for a wine gift box addition to turn this exquisite bottle into a thoughtful gift, or even personalize it with bottle engraving for that extra special touch. Welcome the world of fine wines into your home with this exceptional Zinfandel by Tussock Jumper.

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