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Ecco Domani – Merlot 750mL


Savor the taste of Italy with Ecco Domani Merlot 750mL from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This exquisite Merlot, a must-have addition to your wine rack, features a harmonious blend of bold flavors and smooth finish. Perfect for any occasion or as a sophisticated gift, this wine promises to enchant your senses and elevate your dining experience. Nationwide shipping available.

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Ecco Domani Merlot is an exquisite embodiment of the renowned Italian winemaking that captures the essence of the grapes grown in the fertile soils of Italy. This 750mL bottle of Merlot is not just a wine; it’s a journey through the sun-drenched vineyards of Italy, offering a taste that is both refined and accessible. The Ecco Domani brings to your wine glass a medium-bodied experience, characterized by its smooth tannins and a harmonious blend of flavors.

With each sip, one can savor the rich notes of dark fruit – think ripe cherries and blackberries – that gracefully intertwine with hints of oak and a subtle, spicy finish. The velvety texture and perfect balance make it an exceptional choice for both wine aficionados and novices alike, promising to elevate any dining experience or special occasion. This Merlot is versatile enough to accompany a wide range of cuisines, from hearty meats to pasta dishes, making it a go-to option for any meal.

At the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in the heart of Commack, New York, we pride ourselves on curating a selection that brings the world’s finest wines right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the 50 states. The Ecco Domani Merlot is a testament to this promise, offering an Italian wine masterpiece that reflects our commitment to excellence. For an added touch of elegance, consider our wine bottle engraving service or present it in a sophisticated wine gift box available for a small additional fee. Whether you’re expanding your own collection or gifting it to a fellow wine lover, this bottle is sure to impress.

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