Douglass Hill – Merlot 750mL


Savor the rich flavors of Douglass Hill Merlot, a distinguished selection from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 750mL bottle of Californian wine offers a delightful blend of lush, ripe berries and subtle oak undertones, making it a perfect addition to your wine collection. Enjoy nationwide delivery or local pickup. Elevate your dining experience with this exquisite Merlot from our curated wine selection.

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Discover the rich and inviting flavors of Douglass Hill Merlot, a standout selection from the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s curated collection. This exquisite wine, housed in a 750mL bottle, hails from the rolling vineyards of California, a region renowned for producing wines of exceptional quality and character. Douglass Hill has masterfully crafted this Merlot, embodying the essence of the varietal’s best traits.

Upon pouring, the wine reveals a deep, ruby color that visually entices, hinting at the depth of experience awaiting in every glass. The aroma is a complex bouquet of dark cherry and ripe plum, delicately interwoven with subtle hints of oak and vanilla, offering a prelude to the rich flavors to come. As you take the first sip, the Douglass Hill Merlot greets your palate with a smooth, velvety texture, a medium body that balances perfectly between soft tannins and a lively acidity.

Flavors of blackberry, currant, and hints of chocolate unfold, leading to a long, pleasing finish that leaves a lasting impression. This Merlot is versatile, making it an ideal companion for a range of culinary delights, from hearty pasta dishes to grilled meats and soft cheeses, enhancing the dining experience.

Whether you’re seeking a fine wine to complement your meal, to expand your wine rack, or in search of the perfect gift—perhaps personalized with bottle engraving or presented in a sophisticated wine gift box from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant—Douglass Hill Merlot stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of Californian winemaking. Enjoy the convenience of local pickup, local delivery, or have it shipped directly to your doorstep, anywhere in the 50 states, and immerse yourself in the fine wine and good spirits of Long Island’s premier liquor store.

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