123 Tequila – Blanco Uno Tequila 750mL


Experience the smooth and pure taste of 123 Tequila – Blanco Uno Tequila, offered by Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Crafted in Mexico, this exquisite 750mL spirit embodies the essence of agave with a crisp and refreshing flavor profile. Perfect for savoring neat or in your favorite cocktail. Shop now for local and nationwide delivery to elevate your spirits collection.

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123 Tequila – Blanco Uno Tequila stands out as a premium spirit from the esteemed 123 Tequila brand, renowned for its commitment to organic farming and sustainable distillation processes. Originating from the rich, volcanic soils of Jalisco, Mexico, this tequila is a pure expression of the agave plant, showcasing the meticulous care and tradition that goes into its production. The 750mL Blanco Uno is crafted from 100% blue agave, harvested at the peak of its maturity, ensuring a depth of flavor that is both complex and inviting.

Upon first taste, Blanco Uno reveals a harmonious blend of sweet agave notes, intertwined with subtle hints of citrus and a touch of pepper, providing a smooth and satisfying sipping experience. Its clarity and purity are a testament to the traditional methods employed in its creation, including slow cooking the agave in stone ovens and using natural yeast for fermentation. This tequila is unaged, capturing the raw essence of the agave and delivering a crisp, clean finish that is both refreshing and invigorating.

Ideal for connoisseurs seeking a high-quality, artisanal tequila, Blanco Uno is versatile in its use, perfect for crafting elevated cocktails or enjoying neat to appreciate its full flavor profile. Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is proud to offer this exquisite spirit to customers across all 50 states, underlining our commitment to providing fine wine and good spirits that cater to discerning tastes and preferences. Whether you’re exploring the rich landscape of tequila for the first time or are a seasoned enthusiast, 123 Tequila – Blanco Uno promises an authentic journey through the heart of Mexico’s tequila tradition.

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