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Dive into the essence of Sweden with Absolut Kurant 1L, a premium vodka infused with the rich flavors of black currant. Crafted by the renowned Absolut, this spirit offers a fruity and smooth taste perfect for any occasion. Ideal for those seeking something unique, it’s a delightful addition to our Long Island Wine & Spirits Merchant’s selection. Elevate your cocktail game, now shipping nationwide.

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Absolut Kurant is a marvel of vodka perfection from the renowned Swedish brand, Absolut, celebrated for their high-quality spirits. This specific bottle carries a distinct character, distinguished by the rich, smooth essence of black currant. The spirit is crafted in Åhus, Sweden, where Absolut has been producing its vodka since 1879. Absolut Kurant is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence, blending tradition with innovation.

This 1L bottle encompasses a bold flavor that’s inspired by the natural sweetness and slight tartness of black currants, a berry beloved in Swedish cuisine and culture. The essence of these berries is infused into the vodka post-distillation – a process that ensures the vodka retains its smoothness while gaining a vibrant, fruity profile. It is this meticulous craftsmanship that positions Absolut Kurant as a uniquely flavorful choice within the vodka category, perfect for those looking to explore beyond traditional tastes.

Ideal for crafting cocktails or savoring neat, Absolut Kurant offers a versatile base for mixology, enhancing the taste profile of any concoction with its deep berry notes. Imagine it in a classic vodka martini or mixed into a refreshing spritz, adding a twist of sophistication and flavor depth that elevates the drink.

Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in Commack, New York, and shipping nationwide, this vodka represents just one of the fine spirits curated in our extensive selection. Whether you’re nearby on Long Island or ordering from across the states, you can easily have Absolut Kurant delivered to your doorstep. Indulge in the fine craftsmanship of Swedish vodka, and perhaps, consider pairing it with our wine gift box option for an impressive, thoughtful present.

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