Game Of Thrones – Dalwhinnie Stark 750mL


Experience the chill of Winterfell with the Game Of Thrones – Dalwhinnie Stark 750mL, available now at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This Scottish single malt scotch, inspired by the rugged terrain of the North, bears the Stark sigil. It features crisp notes akin to the famed wintry landscape, offering a smooth, balanced flavor. Perfect for fans and connoisseurs alike. Ships nationwide.

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Delve into the world of Westeros with the Game Of Thrones – Dalwhinnie Stark 750mL, a unique, limited edition single malt Scotch that transports you to the harsh, icy landscapes of Winterfell. Crafted by the renowned Dalwhinnie Distillery, located in the cold, remote Scottish Highlands, this fine spirit embodies the resilient spirit of House Stark. The distillery, one of the highest in Scotland, is no stranger to the stark conditions similar to the North of Westeros, making it the perfect setting for creating this robust whisky.

This remarkable single malt Scotch is aged in ex-bourbon casks, which impart it with a soft smoothness akin to the noble demeanor of the Stark family. At 750mL, it offers an ample experience of its rich character, boasting a flavor profile that balances cold spice and a sweet warmth, reminiscent of the contrasting landscapes of Long Island and the Scottish Highlands. The palate is greeted with fresh green apples, honey, and a touch of smoke – a combination that is as intriguing as the plot twists of Game of Thrones.

Perfect for fans of the series or connoisseurs of fine single malt Scotch, the Game Of Thrones – Dalwhinnie Stark edition makes an extraordinary addition to any liquor collection. It also serves as a thoughtful gift, especially when presented in a wine gift box available from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Whether you’re hosting a viewing party, celebrating a special occasion, or simply enjoying a quiet night in, this Scotch promises a tasting experience as memorable and enduring as the legacy of House Stark. Enjoy nationwide shipping to relive the epic saga with every sip.

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