Bushmills – Black Bush 750mL


Indulge in the rich flavor of Bushmills Black Bush, a distinguished Irish Whiskey that stands out in our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant selection. Crafted in Ireland, this 750mL treasure blends a high amount of malt whiskey matured in former Oloroso Sherry casks, offering a uniquely smooth and fruity taste. Perfect for savoring or gifting, shipped nationwide.

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Stepping into the realm of distinguished Irish Whiskey, Bushmills – Black Bush stands out as a staple offering from one of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s carefully curated selections. This celebrated spirit, hailing from Northern Ireland, is a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Old Bushmills Distillery, the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery. Black Bush is renowned for its unique blend, predominantly featuring malt whiskey matured in former Oloroso sherry casks. This maturation process imparts a distinctively rich, fruity, and nutty flavor profile, setting it apart from its counterparts.

The 750mL bottle of Bushmills – Black Bush is elegantly designed, embodying the spirit’s quality and the distillery’s legacy. Its flavors are masterfully balanced, showcasing a harmonious blend of dark chocolate tones, ripe fruit notes, and a whisper of sweet spices, culminating in a smooth and prolonged finish. Its complexity and depth make it an excellent choice for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as the base in classic whiskey cocktails, offering a versatile addition to any connoisseur’s collection.

Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in Commack, New York, prides itself on offering an exceptional assortment of fine wine and spirits such as Bushmills – Black Bush. Whether you’re picking up locally, opting for local delivery, or having it shipped across the country, this premier liquor store ensures that each bottle, including the exquisite Bushmills – Black Bush, arrives ready for your next tasting adventure, celebration, or cozy evening at home. With the option to add a wine gift box or bottle engraving, this Irish Whiskey becomes not just a drink but a memorable gift or collector’s item.

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