Xila – Liqueur 750mL


Discover the captivating Xila Liqueur at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your go-to for exceptional spirits. This 750mL bottle is a unique blend of flavors from Mexico, crafted with a tradition in mind. Perfect for enriching your gatherings or as a delightful gift, it’s an exquisite choice for those who appreciate fine, artisanal spirits. Elevate your liquor collection with Xila Liqueur and experience a taste of Mexico.

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Discover the unique allure of Xila Liqueur, a 750mL bottle of enchanting flavors that promises to elevate your drinking experience. This exquisite product, available at the renowned Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant based in Commack, New York, stands out as a remarkable choice within our carefully curated selection of cordials and spirits. As a premium liquor store that prides itself on offering fine wine and good spirits, this addition is no exception, perfectly embodying our commitment to quality and diversity in our offerings.

Xila Liqueur is a remarkable spirit that hails from Mexico, an emblem of the rich cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship of its origin. This spirit is a harmonious blend of 100% agave spirit and a fusion of all-natural ingredients, creating a sensory journey with every sip. The exotic flavors of almond, anise, and a hint of spicy chile are balanced with the sweetness of agave nectar, culminating in a liqueur that is both complex and delightfully smooth. Its versatility is unmatched, perfect for sipping neat, as part of a sophisticated cocktail, or even as a unique twist in culinary creations.

For those looking to add a touch of elegance to their collection or seeking the perfect gift, the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers the option to include a fancy wine gift box with Xila Liqueur. Moreover, we offer local pickup, local delivery across Long Island, and nationwide shipping, ensuring that this exquisite liqueur can be enjoyed by connoisseurs across all 50 states. Whether you’re a seasoned spirit aficionado or new to the world of fine liquors, Xila Liqueur represents the best of what our store has to offer – a testament to our passion for bringing the world’s most exceptional wines and spirits to your doorstep.

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