Dubouchett – Strawberry Schnapps 1L


Delight your senses with the Dubouchett Strawberry Schnapps from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Hailing from the USA, this 1L bottle of cordial captures the sweet essence of ripe strawberries. Perfect for crafting refreshing cocktails or enjoying neat, it adds a burst of fruity flavor to any occasion. Whether you’re on Long Island or across the states, we’ve got you covered with nationwide shipping.

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Immerse yourself in the delightfully sweet and invigorating essence of Dubouchett Strawberry Schnapps, a mesmerizing cordial that captures the essence of lush, ripe strawberries in every sip. Crafted with meticulous care, this 1L spirit is a testament to the rich heritage and innovative spirit of the Dubouchett brand, renowned for its exceptional quality and flavorful concoctions that tantalize and satisfy the palate of even the most discerning aficionados.

Ideal for those who appreciate the finer spirits in life, Dubouchett Strawberry Schnapps hails from a lineage of cordials celebrated for their purity, intensity, and versatility. Originating from a place where the tradition of spirit-making is steeped in history, this schnapps embodies the perfect balance of sweet and smooth, making it an impeccable choice for sipping neat, over ice, or as a vibrant addition to your favorite cocktails.

With its bright, enticing hue and a bouquet that promises an unforgettable tasting experience, Dubouchett Strawberry Schnapps is a standout addition to any wine and spirits collection. Whether you’re toasting to the joys of life at a gathering of friends and family or seeking solitude in a quiet, reflective moment, this schnapps elevates the occasion with its charming flavors and exquisite aromatics.

Available from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in Commack, New York, this captivating spirit can be yours through our convenient alcohol delivery service. Whether near or far from our Long Island home, we proudly ship to all 50 states, ensuring that no one misses out on the exquisite offerings of our wine and spirit selections. For an extra touch of elegance, consider adding a wine gift box or engraving the bottle for a memorable gift. Experience the joy of fine wine and good spirits with Dubouchett Strawberry Schnapps, and let your senses embark on a journey of delightful discovery.

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