Butterfly – Classic Absinthe 750mL


Discover the enchanting taste of Butterfly Classic Absinthe, a premium spirit from the heart of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Crafted with precision, this 750mL cordial hails from Switzerland, offering a complex flavor profile that balances herbal notes with a luxurious finish. Perfect for sophisticated palates seeking a unique addition to their collection. Elevate your spirits with Butterfly Absinthe.

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Butterfly Classic Absinthe is a remarkable spirit that hails from the historic distilleries of Switzerland, a country renowned for its precision and craftsmanship in the art of distillation. With a bottle size of 750mL, this absinthe cordial is a tribute to the traditional recipes that have enchanted absinthe enthusiasts for centuries. Produced under the esteemed Butterfly brand, this absinthe brings a harmonious blend of botanicals and herbs that are meticulously selected to ensure a complex yet smooth flavor profile that is both distinctive and delightful to the senses.

Butterfly Classic Absinthe is characterized by its vibrant green hue, a nod to its natural ingredients and the historic allure of absinthe. The spirit’s aroma is an intoxicating bouquet of anise, fennel, and wormwood, the latter being the quintessential herb that defines absinthe and imparts its slightly bitter, earthy undertone. Upon tasting, hints of mint and citrus subtly emerge, offering a fresh and slightly spicy finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

This absinthe is perfect for those looking to explore the traditional rituals of absinthe consumption, whether it’s prepared with a carefully balanced addition of water through a slotted spoon and sugar cube or enjoyed in a more contemporary cocktail that showcases its versatile flavor profile. At the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are proud to offer Butterfly Classic Absinthe to our discerning customers across all 50 states, inviting you to discover the rich history and intricate tastes of this exquisite spirit. Whether you’re a longtime absinthe aficionado or new to its enigmatic allure, Butterfly Classic Absinthe promises an extraordinary tasting experience.

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