Chateau De Laubade – Armagnac Xo 750mL


Delight in the exquisite taste of Chateau De Laubade Armagnac XO, a premium brandy from the heart of Gascony, France. This 750mL treasure, featured at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, offers a rich palette of flavors, crafted from a meticulous selection of grape varieties. Perfect for connoisseurs, it’s a fine addition to any wine rack, promising an unparalleled sipping experience. Ship nationwide.

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Immerse yourself in the rich and sophisticated experience of savoring the Chateau De Laubade – Armagnac XO, a quintessential embodiment of craftsmanship and heritage offered by the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Nestled in Charmack, New York, our premier liquor store boasts an unparalleled selection of fine wines and spirits, including this exquisite Armagnac, which has been meticulously distilled and aged in the heart of Gascony, France.

The Chateau De Laubade, renowned for its dedication to quality and tradition, has meticulously harvested and distilled this Armagnac from single estate vineyards, ensuring a truly authentic and unique flavor profile. With each 750mL bottle encapsulating the essence of its terroir, the Armagnac XO invites connoisseurs to explore a symphony of flavors; rich notes of vanilla, plum, and cocoa gracefully entwine with hints of toasted oak and delicate spices, culminating in a long, velvety finish that lingers on the palate.

Whether you’re near or far, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant guarantees an exceptional service experience, offering local pickup, delivery across Long Island, and seamless shipping to all 50 states. Elevate any occasion by pairing the Chateau De Laubade – Armagnac XO with our elegantly curated wine gift box or opt for an even more personalized touch with our wine bottle engraving service.

Delight in the complex, smooth, and wonderfully aged Chateau De Laubade – Armagnac XO, a true testament to the art of French distillery and the breadth of selection our store proudly presents. Let this Armagnac be the centerpiece of your next celebration or the crown jewel in your collection, delivering not just a drink, but an experience to be cherished.

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