Mwitu – Chenin Blanc 750mL


Experience the exotic whisper of Mwitu Chenin Blanc, a distinguished selection from our extensive wine collection. Hailing from the vibrant vineyards of South Africa, this 750mL bottle offers a symphony of flavors, intertwining refreshing citrus with hints of delicious apricot. Perfect for those who seek a wine that blends tradition with a touch of the wild. Discover this gem among our whites at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant.

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Discover the exquisite Mwitu Chenin Blanc, a distinguished addition to the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s curated collection of fine wines. Hailing from the vibrant vineyards of South Africa, a country renowned for its exceptional Chenin Blanc, this 750mL bottle embodies the spirit and complexity of its origins. Mwitu, meaning ‘wild’ in Swahili, pays homage to the untamed beauty of the African landscape, and this wine is a testament to the harmonious relationship between the land and the vine.

The Mwitu Chenin Blanc is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of its variety, offering a palette that is both invigorating and refined. With its brilliant balance of acidity and sweetness, every sip unfolds layers of luscious fruit flavors. Expect to be greeted by vibrant notes of crisp green apple, succulent pear, and a hint of quince, with undercurrents of subtle floral aromas and a minerality that whispers the story of its terroir.

Perfect for any occasion, from a casual gathering to a more formal dinner, the Mwitu Chenin Blanc shines when paired with seafood dishes, fresh salads, or as a solo pleasure to unwind with at the end of the day. Its versatility and refreshing character make it a staple for any wine aficionado.

At the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are proud to offer this exceptional wine, available for nationwide shipping, local delivery, or pickup. Enhance your experience by opting for our custom wine gift box or bottle engraving services, making the Mwitu Chenin Blanc an unforgettable gift for that special someone or a splendid addition to your collection. Experience the magic of Mwitu and let us bring the essence of fine wine directly to your glass.

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