When & Where – Chenin Blanc 750mL


Discover the elegant flavors of When & Where Chenin Blanc, a refined white blend from the heart of France. Perfectly crafted to enchant your palate with delicate floral notes and a crisp finish, this 750mL bottle offers an unforgettable tasting experience. Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, elevate any occasion with this exquisite selection, direct from our wine rack to your glass.

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Discover the exquisite taste of When & Where Chenin Blanc, brought to you by the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your go-to online destination for fine wines and spirits. This Chenin Blanc is more than just a wine; it’s a journey in every glass, hailing from the sun-drenched valleys renowned for producing some of the world’s most celebrated Chenin Blanc grapes. The When & Where brand, known for its dedication to crafting wines that encapsulate the essence of their origin, presents this 750mL bottle as a testament to their expert winemaking process.

This Chenin Blanc is a harmonious blend that showcases the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, making it an exceptional choice for a wide range of palates. Its flavor profile is a sophisticated tapestry of luscious fruit notes intertwined with subtle hints of honey and a delicate minerality that leads to a crisp, refreshing finish. Ideal for savoring on its own or as a versatile companion to a myriad of dishes, this wine promises to elevate any dining experience.

As part of our curated selection at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we take pride in offering this distinguished white blend, available for delivery across all 50 states. Whether you’re near or far, indulge in the convenience of alcohol delivery with this exquisite bottle or choose it as a thoughtful gift. Consider enhancing your gift with our customizable wine gift box or bottle engraving services for that extra special touch. Embark on a sensory voyage with When & Where Chenin Blanc and let your wine glass be the destination.

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