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Pascual Toso – Brut 750mL


Dive into the effervescence of Pascual Toso’s Brut, a sparkling wine delight from the heart of Argentina. This 750mL bottle is a beautiful blend of crisp and fresh flavors, perfect for celebrating special moments. Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we ship nationwide or offer local pick-up. Elevate your occasion with this exquisite choice or gift it with our special wine gift box option.

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Indulge in the effervescent elegance of Pascual Toso – Brut, a 750mL beacon of sparkling delight from the renowned vineyards of Argentina. Gracing the curated wine selection of the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this exceptional sparkling wine is a testament to the rich viticultural heritage and innovative spirit that defines the Pascual Toso brand. Founded in the late 19th century by an adventurous Italian immigrant, Pascual Toso has since established itself as a purveyor of fine Argentine wines, with a penchant for producing meticulously crafted sparkling varieties that capture the essence and vibrant character of the Mendoza region.

The Pascual Toso Brut is emblematic of the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition, embodying a refreshing and sophisticated profile that is both invigorating and gracefully balanced. Its lively bubbles dance in the glass, releasing delicate aromas of green apple, citrus, and toasted brioche that beckon for the first sip. On the palate, this sparkling wine reveals a harmonious blend of crisp acidity and subtle fruitiness, leading to a clean and persistent finish that lingers with hints of mineral complexity.

Whether celebrating special occasions or elevating everyday moments, the Pascual Toso Brut is a versatile choice that pairs splendidly with a wide array of dishes, from light appetizers to seafood feasts. Available for delivery across all 50 states, local pickup, or delivery in Commack, New York, this exquisite bottle can also be presented in a wine gift box or engraved for a personalized touch, making it the perfect gesture for gifting or self-indulgence, courtesy of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s comprehensive service offerings.

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