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Margerum Wine – Sauvignon Blanc 750mL


Dive into the refreshing world of Margerum Wine’s Sauvignon Blanc, a masterpiece from the sunny vineyards of California. This 750mL bottle from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers a vibrant blend of crisp, fruity flavors perfect for any occasion. Enjoy nationwide delivery or pick up locally in Commack, NY. Elevate your wine glass with this exquisite selection.

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Nestled within the rich tapestry of fine wine and good spirits that Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant proudly offers, the Margerum Wine – Sauvignon Blanc 750mL stands as a testament to the exceptional quality our store seeks to deliver. From the sunny, vibrant hills of California, this exquisite wine is a treasure crafted with dedication and expertise, embodying the essence of its origins. Margerum Wine, renowned for its meticulous winemaking process, ensures that each bottle of Sauvignon Blanc captures the unique terroir of the region, offering a sip of California’s celebrated wine culture.

This Sauvignon Blanc is a harmonious blend of fresh, zesty flavors and aromatic brilliance. With each pour, you are greeted by a bouquet of crisp citrus and succulent stone fruits, intertwined with subtle floral notes that enchant the nose. The palate is a lively dance of lemon zest, green apple, and a hint of tropical mango, balanced perfectly with a minerally edge that leads to a clean, refreshing finish. This wine’s splendid acidity and vibrant texture make it an impeccable companion to a wide array of dishes, from seafood to light salads, enhancing the dining experience with its charismatic charm.

Whether you’re seeking to elevate your wine collection or searching for the perfect gift, the Margerum Sauvignon Blanc is an impeccable choice. Available for nationwide shipping, local delivery, or pickup, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant ensures this fine wine can be enjoyed wherever you are. Additionally, consider enhancing this exquisite bottle with our custom engraving service or presenting it in a luxurious wine gift box for that special touch on any occasion. Experience the allure of California’s wine legacy with Margerum’s Sauvignon Blanc, a sophisticated expression of wine artistry.

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