Rib Shack – Red Blend 750mL


Indulge in the bold flavors of Rib Shack Red Blend, a robust South African wine perfect for pairing with barbecued meats. This 750mL bottle from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant marries smooth red berry notes with a smoky finish. Ideal for enhancing any meal or as a standout gift, especially when added to a wine gift box. Nationwide shipping available.

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Delight your palate with Rib Shack Red Blend, a robust offering from the acclaimed wine brand Rib Shack, revered for crafting wines that perfectly accompany hearty meals. Hailing from the vine-rich lands of South Africa, this Red Blend is a testament to the country’s ability to produce wines that stand out on the global stage. Bottled in a generous 750mL container, this wine is a blend that masterfully combines the richness and depth of flavor that aficionados and casual drinkers alike will appreciate.

The Rib Shack Red Blend is distinguished by its bold, full-bodied taste, with palate-pleasing notes of smoky barbecue, dark cherry, and hints of sweet spicy oak. These flavors make it an ideal companion for grilled meats, making it not just a beverage but part of an ultimate dining experience. Its deep, enticing ruby color is a visual prelude to the quality and depth of the experience that awaits with each sip.

Sourced directly from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in Commack, New York, this fine wine is part of a carefully curated wine and spirits selection. This online store delivers an unparalleled shopping experience, offering everything from local pickup and delivery in Long Island to nationwide shipping, ensuring that no matter where you are in the US, a bottle of Rib Shack Red Blend is within reach. For those looking to enhance a special occasion, the option to include a wine gift box or a personalized bottle engraving is available, making it a memorable and sophisticated gift choice.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply looking to explore high-quality wines from around the world, Rib Shack Red Blend from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant represents not only a drink but a journey — a journey through the rich, aromatic landscapes of South Africa, brought straight to your wine glass.

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