Comte De Lauze – Cotes Du Rhone 750mL


Dive into the luscious world of French reds with Comte De Lauze – Cotes Du Rhone. Hailing from the prestigious vineyards of France, this 750mL bottle promises a delightful journey for your palette. Perfectly balanced, it pairs rich, earthy tones with a hint of spice. Ideal for an elegant dinner or as a thoughtful gift, find it at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, where fine wine meets exceptional service.

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Unveil the rich tapestry of flavors with the prestigious Comte De Lauze – Cotes Du Rhone 750mL, a true gem nestled within our illustrious selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. As connoisseurs of fine wine and spirits emanating from the scenic Commack, New York, we are thrilled to offer this exquisite French Red, a testament to the art of winemaking in the heart of France’s celebrated Rhone Valley.

Crafted with precision and care, Comte De Lauze embodies the quintessential characteristics that aficionados of French wines fervently seek. It pours a deep ruby hue, signaling the beginning of a sensory journey marked by a rich bouquet of ripe fruits, subtle spices, and an undercurrent of earthy undertones that Rhone wines are renowned for. Each sip reveals a harmonious blend of flavors, from juicy blackberries and plums to a hint of pepper and vanilla, culminating in a finish that is both robust and elegantly smooth.

This 750mL bottle, a perfect embodiment of Comte De Lauze’s commitment to excellence, stands as a versatile companion to a variety of culinary experiences. Whether it’s enhancing the flavors of a hearty meat dish or being savored on its own, this Cotes Du Rhone elevates any occasion. As a proud carrier of this fine selection, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant not only offers local pickup and delivery across Long Island but is delighted to ship this exquisite piece of French winemaking to connoisseurs across all 50 states. Elevate your collection or gift this refined wine, possibly enhanced with our personalized engraving service or presented in a bespoke wine gift box, for a touch of elegance and thoughtfulness.

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