Keeper's Heart

Keeper’s Heart – Irish & American 700mL


Discover the unique blend of Keeper’s Heart – a remarkable fusion of Irish and American craftsmanship. This 700mL whiskey, perfectly housed at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, brings together the rich traditions of whiskey-making from both sides of the Atlantic. Whether you’re in Commack, New York, or across the 50 states, enjoy the smooth, distinct flavors that only Keeper’s Heart can deliver.

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Indulge in the harmonious blend of Irish and American whiskey traditions with Keeper’s Heart 700mL, a standout spirit in our curated collection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Crafted with impeccable skill, this unique whiskey juxtaposes the richness of Irish whiskey heritage with the bold, pioneering spirit of American whiskey craftsmanship. The result is a smooth, nuanced whiskey that speaks volumes of its cross-Atlantic lineage.

Keeper’s Heart is a product of deep-rooted passion, where the art of whiskey-making is passed down through generations. This spirit is a blend of the finest Irish grain and pot still whiskeys, which are then masterfully combined with American rye whiskey, creating a beautifully complex flavor profile. The Irish components bring a smooth, creamy texture with hints of fruit and honey, while the American rye adds a bold, spicy kick that enlivens the palate. The final product is bottled at 700mL of precision and care, encapsulating a perfect balance that caters to enthusiasts of both whiskey worlds.

Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is proud to offer Keeper’s Heart, amongst our discerning selection of fine wines and spirits. Ideal for those exploring the rich tapestry of whiskey or the seasoned sipper looking for something uniquely compelling, this whiskey stands as a testament to innovation and tradition entwined. Delight in the convenience of nationwide shipping or local delivery and elevate your collection or gift a bottle with our custom engraving and wine gift box options. Whether it graces your glass during a quiet evening or as a noteworthy contribution to a spirited gathering, Keeper’s Heart promises a memorable experience with every sip.

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