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Discover the rich, bold flavors of Blackened Whiskey, a 750mL marvel from our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant collection. This American whiskey, harmonized with unique sound waves, offers a symphony of taste, featuring a blend of sweet and spicy notes. Perfect for connoisseurs seeking an exceptional spirit. Shop now and explore our nationwide shipping options or local delivery in New York.

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Blackened Whiskey is a distinctive blend, casting a spotlight on the innovative spirit of the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s catalog. This 750mL bottle of American whiskey represents the embodiment of craftsmanship and the pioneering essence of blending traditions with modern sonic enhancement techniques. Crafted in the United States, Blackened Whiskey is not just another bottle on the shelf; it is a narrative of flavor, music, and metallurgical artistry.

The whiskey undergoes a unique aging process that sets it apart. The blend of bourbons and ryes is subjected to a proprietary sonic-enhancement process dubbed ‘Black Noise.’ This technique plays selected music, which influences the aging process by causing vibrations that intensify the interaction between the whiskey and wood, imbuing the spirit with a complex, deep flavor profile. Each batch is sonically-enhanced with its own playlist, curated by the members of Metallica, adding a layer of personal touch and connection to the artistry of distillation.

Tasting notes for Blackened Whiskey reveal a symphony of aromas and flavors. On the nose, you can expect to encounter a melange of caramel, oak, and a hint of almond. The palate is greeted with a harmony of vanilla, honey, and cinnamon, leading to a smooth, warm finish with just a touch of spiciness and lingering sweetness. This balance of flavors makes it not just a whiskey, but an experience, perfect for enjoying neat, on the rocks, or as a premium base in your favorite cocktail.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are proud to offer Blackened Whiskey for delivery across all 50 states, and our local customers on Long Island can enjoy expedited delivery directly to their doorstep. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your collection, gift a whiskey lover, or simply indulge in the craft of fine spirit-making, Blackened Whiskey beckons with its unparalleled journey of taste, tradition, and transformation.

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