Exclusiv – Berry Vodka 750mL


Discover Exclusiv Berry Vodka for a unique taste experience from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 750mL spirit, hailing from Moldova, blends the smooth, pure essence of vodka with delightful berry flavors. Perfect for sipping or mixology, it’s a versatile addition to your collection. Order now for nationwide delivery or local pick-up and elevate your spirits with Exclusiv Berry Vodka.

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Discover the vibrant taste of Exclusiv – Berry Vodka 750mL, a premium spirit offering from the heart of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your one-stop shop for fine wine and spirits. This exceptional Berry Vodka is part of our exquisite selection that reaches from the local expanse of Long Island to enthusiasts across all 50 states thanks to our comprehensive shipping service.

Crafted with care by the renowned brand Exclusiv, this vodka is distilled to perfection, embodying both quality and the rich tradition of its Moldovan roots. Exclusiv Vodka is celebrated globally for its smooth, refined character and innovative approach to flavor, making it an absolute must-try for connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike. The Berry Vodka variety, in particular, is a testament to Exclusiv’s commitment to excellence, infusing the clean, crisp taste of vodka with the sweet, luscious undertones of fresh berries. This harmonious blend results in a versatile spirit that enlivens any cocktail with its rich, fruity notes, while also standing up impressively when sipped neat or on the rocks.

Available in a sleek 750mL bottle, Exclusiv Berry Vodka is not only perfect for personal indulgence but also makes a thoughtful addition to a wine gift box from our shop, especially when you opt for our bespoke bottle engraving service for that extra touch of personalization. Whether you’re near or far from our Commack, New York location, we ensure that this fine spirit can be enjoyed at your convenience, with options ranging from local pick-up to nationwide shipping. Add a case of this fine vodka to your collection, or explore it as part of your next wine tasting adventure, and discover the exquisite flavors and craftsmanship that Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant proudly offers.

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