Montelobos – Pechuga 750mL


Explore the unique flavors of Montelobos Pechuga, a top-tier spirit in our selection. Crafted in Mexico, this 750mL tequila boasts a rich, complex profile ideal for connoisseurs. Perfect for special occasions, enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Elevate your spirit experience with this exquisite find.

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Montelobos Pechuga is a uniquely crafted spirit that stands out among tequila aficionados and casual drinkers alike, providing an exceptional experience for those looking to explore the depth of traditional Mexican spirit-making. Crafted meticulously in Mexico, the home of authentic tequila, Montelobos Pechuga offers a journey through the rich heritage and contemporary craftsmanship that defines premium tequila production. This 750mL bottle holds not just tequila, but a narrative of tradition, innovation, and passion.

Derived from carefully selected blue agave plants, Montelobos Pechuga goes through a traditional distillation process that imbues it with its distinctive flavor profile. What sets Pechuga apart is its infusion with a carefully chosen mix of fruits, grains, and spices, along with a chicken breast – yes, a chicken breast, which is hung over the still in the final distillation, a method that imparts a unique, savory complexity that’s rare in the tequila world. This method, rooted in Mexican distilling traditions, lends the spirit a subtle, intriguing layer of flavors that harmonize the fruity and spicy notes with an umami undertone.

Ideal for sipping neat or as the foundation of a sophisticated cocktail, Montelobos Pechuga is a testament to the art of fine spirit-making. Its balanced complexity makes it not just a drink, but an experience, offering a taste that can transport you to the agave fields of Mexico and the heart of its rich cultural tapestry.

Embedded within Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s diverse selection, this tequila is more than just a purchase; it’s an invitation into the world of fine wine and good spirits, where each bottle tells a story. Whether you’re curating your home collection or sending a gift, consider adding a personal touch with our bottle engraving service or presenting it in a luxurious wine gift box available for a nominal fee. From sweet red wines to the finest tequilas like Montelobos Pechuga, our commitment is to bring the world’s best to your wine glass, shipping across all 50 states for those who appreciate the finer spirits in life.

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