Soon Hari – Apple Mango Soju 375mL


Indulge in the unique blend of flavors with the Soon Hari Apple Mango Soju from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This delightful spirit, hailing from South Korea, offers a fusion of crisp apple and lush mango in a perfectly balanced 375mL bottle. Ideal for those seeking an exotic twist to their spirit collection, it’s a must-try for soju enthusiasts. Pick up or have it delivered anywhere in the US.

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Experience a burst of tropical delight with the Soon Hari Apple Mango Soju, a refreshing spirit that seamlessly blends the crisp sweetness of apple with the luscious allure of mango. Originating from South Korea, this 375mL bottle of soju presents an exciting twist on traditional soju, infusing the smooth, clean essence of Korea’s most beloved spirit with vibrant fruit flavors.

Crafted by Soon Hari, a brand renowned for its innovative approach to traditional Korean soju, this Apple Mango version is a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor. With an alcohol content that’s gentle enough to enjoy on its own yet robust enough to enliven any cocktail, this soju offers a versatile drinking experience.

Perfect for both soju connoisseurs and those new to this delightful Korean spirit, the Soon Hari Apple Mango Soju is a splendid addition to any gathering, meal, or celebration. Its fruity notes make it an excellent choice for sipping chilled on a warm day, or as a flavorful base for a range of mixed drinks.

For those looking to explore the world of soju or to add an exotic twist to their alcohol collection, the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant presents this exquisite offering. Whether you’re near or far, our nationwide shipping ensures that you can enjoy this fine selection of soju. Add it to your wine rack, or better yet, gift it in a fancy wine gift box available from us for that special touch. Explore the harmonious blend of apple and mango in this unique soju, and let your taste buds embark on a journey to South Korea, all from the comfort of your wine glass.

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