Whistle Pig Farm – Double Malt Rye 750mL


Experience the bold flavors of Whistle Pig Farm’s Double Malt Rye, a true masterpiece from the fields of Vermont. This 750mL spirit, crafted with a unique double malt process, offers an unparalleled rye experience with rich, complex notes. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking a premium selection from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, shipped to all 50 states. Elevate your spirit collection today.

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At the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, nestled in the heart of Commack, New York, we take pride in curating an exceptional collection of fine wines and exquisite spirits to delight the palates of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Our latest gem, the Whistle Pig Farm – Double Malt Rye, exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and flavor that our customers have come to expect and cherish.

Originating from the verdant landscapes of Vermont, Whistle Pig embodies the true spirit of American innovation in the world of distillery. This remarkable Double Malt Rye, presented in a generous 750mL bottle, is a testament to Whistle Pig Farm’s dedication to producing unparalleled rye whiskey. With a bold embracing of tradition, and an eye towards innovation, this unique spirit is crafted from a blend of 100% rye malt, sourced from the finest grains.

What sets the Double Malt Rye apart is its intricate distillation process and aging method. The whiskey undergoes a meticulous aging process in new American oak barrels, allowing it to develop a complex array of flavors that include a mélange of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice. This creates a wonderfully rich and smooth finish, with the rye’s inherent spiciness shining through each sip.

The Whistle Pig Farm – Double Malt Rye is more than just a whiskey; it’s an experience. Perfect for those looking to explore the depths of rye whiskey or seeking a distinguished gift, it can be beautifully presented in a wine gift box with the option of bottle engraving for that personal touch.

Whether you’re near or far, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is your go-to destination for remarkable spirits like the Whistle Pig Farm – Double Malt Rye. With options for local pickup, local delivery, or nationwide shipping, experiencing the best in wine and spirits has never been easier. Embrace the rich, sophisticated flavors of one of America’s finest rye whiskeys and elevate your spirits collection to new heights.

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