Mount Gay – Eclipse Gold 1L


Discover the exquisite taste of Mount Gay – Eclipse Gold, a premium rum from Barbados, available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. With its rich history and smooth, complex flavor profile, this 1L bottle is a must-have for rum enthusiasts. Perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail. Shop now and experience the depth of Barbados in every sip. Fast nationwide shipping!

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Dive into the rich heritage of Barbados with Mount Gay Eclipse Gold 1L, a testament to craftsmanship and tradition from the oldest running rum distillery in the world. This exquisite rum, adored by enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, is a flagship offering from Mount Gay, a brand that has perfected its distillation process since 1703. Inspired by the warmth and luminosity of a solar eclipse, Eclipse Gold is a harmonious blend of double-distilled pot and column still rums, matured in charred American white oak barrels which previously held bourbon.

The luminous, golden-amber hue of Mount Gay Eclipse Gold invites you into a world of complexity and refinement. It boasts a balanced and aromatic profile, with notes of vanilla, almond, and the signature Barbadian molasses sweetness, underpinned by a hint of smokiness from its time in the barrel. The palate is a smooth cascade of flavors, starting with a fruity burst of apricot and banana, smoothly transitioning into a spicy warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg, and finishing with a lingering, toasted oak aftertaste.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are excited to offer this distinguished rum, ideal for elevating classic cocktails, savoring neat, or on the rocks. Whether you’re adding a sophisticated touch to your home bar or gifting a bottle engraved with a personal message, Mount Gay Eclipse Gold transcends the ordinary. With our nationwide shipping and local delivery services on Long Island, experiencing the exquisite taste of Barbados has never been easier. This rum not only represents the pinnacle of Barbadian craftsmanship but is also a celebration of the rich history and vibrant culture of its island home.

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