Cafka – Coffee 750mL


Indulge in the unique blend of Cafka Coffee Spirit, a 750mL masterpiece from the renowned Cafka brand. Crafted for coffee and spirit connoisseurs alike, this cordial infuses rich, bold coffee flavors with smooth spirits for a delightful experience. Perfect as a sophisticated gift or to elevate your own collection, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant delivers this exquisite choice nationwide.

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Introducing the latest addition to our expertly curated selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, the Cafka Coffee 750mL. This exquisite cordial effortlessly combines the warm, robust flavors of premium coffee with the refined smoothness of top-tier spirit craftsmanship.

Originating from a meticulous distillation process, Cafka is not just any ordinary coffee-flavored liqueur. Its creation stems from an age-old tradition of distilling fine spirits, infused with the rich, aromatic essence of carefully selected coffee beans. The exact origin of Cafka’s beans and distillation process is meticulously chosen to ensure a perfect harmony between the boldness of coffee and the velvety texture of the spirit, making it a standout product in our cordials and spirits category.

Upon uncorking the sleek, 750mL bottle, Cafka greets you with an inviting aroma that promises warmth and satisfaction. Each sip unfolds layers of complex coffee flavors, ranging from the initial bold, dark roast notes to a smooth, sweet finish. Its versatility is unmatched, serving beautifully neat, over ice, or as the cornerstone of a sophisticated cocktail that delights the senses.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, our mission is to offer nothing but the finest wine and spirits from around the globe. With the inclusion of Cafka in our diverse selection, we invite both coffee enthusiasts and spirit aficionados in Commack, New York, and across all 50 states to explore a unique melding of worlds. Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal collection, gift a wine enthusiast with a fancy wine gift box addition, or savor a case of exquisite flavors, Cafka Coffee 750mL promises an extraordinary experience that bridges the gap between your wine rack and your coffee cup.

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