Peach Street Distillers – Colorado Bourbon 750mL


Discover the rich, smooth flavors of Peach Street Distillers’ Colorado Bourbon. Crafted in the heart of the USA, this 750mL bourbon embodies the spirit of American whiskey making. Perfect for your wine and spirits collection, this fine bourbon offers a unique taste experience. Add a touch of elegance to your gatherings with this premium selection from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant.

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Discover the unique taste of the American West with the exquisite Peach Street Distillers Colorado Bourbon. This 750mL bottle holds a premium spirit distilled with passion and precision in the heart of Colorado. Peach Street Distillers is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, making it a standout brand in the bourbons and spirits category. Crafted in small batches to ensure each bottle captures the essence of its local ingredients, this bourbon offers a rich and full-bodied experience that’s both complex and delightfully smooth.

With every sip, you’ll dive into a harmonious blend of flavors, including subtle notes of ripe peaches, a nod to its Colorado roots, intertwined with the traditional warmth of vanilla and oak. This careful balance of sweetness and spice is achieved through meticulous aging in charred oak barrels, giving the bourbon its golden amber color and a lingering finish that’s both warm and inviting.

Perfect for enthusiasts looking to explore beyond the conventional bourbon offerings, Peach Street Distillers’ Colorado Bourbon is not just a spirit but a celebration of American craftsmanship and the untamed spirit of Colorado. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of a sophisticated cocktail, it promises a memorable tasting journey.

Embrace the spirit of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant and add this exceptional Colorado Bourbon to your collection. It’s an ideal choice for anyone seeking a unique gift or to elevate their own home bar. Pair it with our personalized wine gift box or bottle engraving service for a touch that’s both elegant and personal. Transport the rich, soulful flavors of Colorado straight to your wine glass with this captivating bourbon.

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