Jim Beam – Black Extra-aged 750mL


Elevate your spirit collection with the exceptional Jim Beam Black Extra-aged, a premium bourbon that stands out in our selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Aged longer for fuller flavor, this 750mL bottle from the USA offers a beautifully smooth experience with rich, complex notes. Perfect for your discerning palate, available for nationwide shipping or local delivery in New York.

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At the heart of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s exquisite collection lies the Jim Beam Black Extra-aged, a premium bourbon that epitomizes the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship of the Jim Beam brand. Hailing from the United States, this bourbon is a testament to the dedication of producing high-quality spirits that Jim Beam has upheld for over two centuries.

Jim Beam Black Extra-aged is not your ordinary bourbon. It is aged longer than the classic Jim Beam, in charred oak barrels, which imparts a deep amber color and a complexity of flavors that are both rich and smooth. This 750mL bottle holds a liquid that is a harmonious blend of caramel, toffee, and warm oak notes, with hints of vanilla and spices that linger on the palate, offering a sophisticated sipping experience that entices bourbon aficionados and novices alike.

This distinguished bourbon is a perfect representation of what Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant stands for – offering fine wines and good spirits from around the world. Whether you’re exploring the depths of bourbon for the first time or adding to your collection, Jim Beam Black Extra-aged is an impeccable choice. It can serve as a remarkable gift, especially when paired with our wine gift box option or even a personalized engraving to commemorate special moments.

Furthermore, as a versatile spirit, it fits seamlessly into any liquor cabinet, ready to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of a gourmet cocktail. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in a bottle of Jim Beam Black Extra-aged, delivered straight to your door, available nationwide from the shores of Long Island, New York, courtesy of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant.

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