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Lobetia Chardonnay, a delightful organic wine from Spain, is now available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 750mL bottle offers a harmonious blend of crisp apple and ripe pear flavors, perfect for any occasion. Enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery in New York. Add a touch of elegance to your table or gift a bottle with our custom engraving service.

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Bringing to your glass an exquisite piece of organic viticulture, the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is proud to present the Lobetia Chardonnay. This 750mL offering from the Spanish vineyards captures the essence of tradition and modernity, seamlessly blended into each sip. Lobetia, a brand celebrated for its commitment to organic farming and sustainable viticulture practices, hails from the sun-drenched hills of Spain, a country with a rich wine-making legacy.

The Lobetia Chardonnay is more than just a wine; it’s a narrative of the land it comes from, showcasing the purity of the Chardonnay grape when cared for with respect for nature. Characterized by its crisp and refreshing profile, this wine brings forward a palette of flavors that are both complex and inviting. Hints of green apple, citrus, and subtle tropical notes dance on the palate, balanced by a minerality that speaks to its organic roots. It’s a wine that not only caters to the seasoned connoisseur but also welcomes the novice with its accessible and enjoyable profile.

Whether you’re looking to elevate a simple dinner at home or searching for the perfect gift, the Lobetia Chardonnay, complete with the option for an elegant wine gift box, meets the mark. It represents what the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant stands for: a dedication to bringing fine wine and good spirits to enthusiasts across all 50 states. With services including fast local delivery on Long Island and nationwide shipping, this Chardonnay is within easy reach for those ready to embrace the organic allure it offers.

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