Sand Point – Zinfandel 750mL


Discover Sand Point Zinfandel, a robust red wine from the renowned vineyards of California, USA. Each 750mL bottle captures the essence of rich, ripe fruit flavors with a smooth finish. Perfect for your wine rack, this Zinfandel embodies fine wine and good spirits, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Order now from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant and indulge in the exquisite taste of California.

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Discover the robust and richly flavored Sand Point Zinfandel, a perfect addition to your wine collection, hailing from the renowned Sand Point Family Vineyards. This 750mL bottle of Sand Point Zinfandel encapsulates the essence of its Californian roots, offering a true taste of the region’s unparalleled wine-making tradition. Grown in the lush vineyards of California, this wine benefits from the ideal climate and terroir that the area is famous for, resulting in a Zinfandel that is as expressive as it is delightful.

The Sand Point Zinfandel is characterized by its deep ruby color and an enticing aroma that blends dark fruits with a hint of spice. Upon tasting, you’ll be greeted with the succulent flavors of ripe blackberries and cherries, complemented by a subtle spice and soft tannins that lead to a smooth, lingering finish. This medium-bodied wine is artfully crafted, balancing fruitiness with structure, making it a versatile choice that pairs wonderfully with a wide range of cuisines, from hearty meat dishes to spicy ethnic foods.

Offered by the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, a destination for fine wine and good spirits, this wine is available for local pickup or delivery in New York, and can also be shipped across all 50 states, ensuring that wine enthusiasts everywhere can enjoy the delightful experience of Sand Point Zinfandel. Whether looking to add a distinguished wine to your collection, selecting a thoughtful gift paired with our wine gift box option, or aiming to personalize a bottle with engraving for a special occasion, the Sand Point Zinfandel promises to elevate any moment with its fine Californian heritage and exquisite taste.

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