Sokol Blosser – Evolution White 750mL


Experience the delight of Sokol Blosser’s Evolution White, a vibrant blend that showcases the exceptional quality of Oregon winemaking. This 750mL bottle from our extensive wine selection promises a symphony of flavors, ideal for any occasion. Perfect for gifting or enjoying at home, our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant ensures fast delivery nationwide. Add this exquisite white to your collection today.

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Discover the enchanting flavors of Sokol Blosser’s Evolution White, a meticulously crafted blend that speaks volumes of its Oregon heritage. This 750mL bottle is an emblem of Sokol Blosser’s commitment to excellence and innovation in winemaking. Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the Sokol Blosser Winery stands as a testament to quality and sustainability, creating wines that truly reflect the rich terroir of the region.

Evolution White is not just any white wine; it is a harmonious blend that captures the essence of multiple white wine varieties, ingeniously crafted to form a seamless, flavorful experience. With each sip, you’ll discover a refreshing and dynamic palate, featuring a kaleidoscope of fruit flavors ranging from lush tropical notes to crisp apple and pear, ending with hints of vibrant citrus. The wine’s layers are supported by a subtle minerality and a delicate floral aroma that invites you for more.

Perfect for any occasion, Evolution White shines when served chilled, making it an ideal companion for a variety of dishes, from light salads and seafood to more robust poultry and creamy pasta dishes. Its versatility and delightful taste profile also make it a splendid choice for enhancing your festive gatherings or as a thoughtful gift in our wine gift box, complete with bottle engraving to add a personalized touch.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we take pride in offering this exquisite wine from Sokol Blosser, delivering it straight to your door whether you’re in Commack, New York, or anywhere across the 50 states. Whether for a special occasion, a wine tasting, or simply to enjoy a fine bottle of white, Evolution White by Sokol Blosser is an exceptional choice that promises to elevate your wine experience.

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