Zardetto – Spritz 3pk 200mL


Immerse yourself in the vibrant effervescence of Zardetto Spritz, a delightful sparkling wine originating from the heart of Italy. This enchanting 3-pack, each bottle sizing 200mL, is perfect for those moments that call for a toast. With its exquisite blend of flavors, it promises to elevate any occasion. Available now at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we deliver this Italian gem nationwide.

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Experience the delightful effervescence of Zardetto Spritz, a sparkling wine that perfectly captures the essence of Italian vivacity and charm. This exquisite selection from the renowned Zardetto brand, hails from the heart of Italy’s famous sparkling wine region, offering a taste experience that is both invigorating and sophisticated. Each pack contains three 200mL bottles, meticulously crafted to provide the ideal serving size for an evening of indulgence or a celebration of life’s special moments.

Zardetto has long been celebrated for its dedication to quality and its innovative approach to winemaking. The Spritz variant is a testament to this legacy, embodying the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary taste. This sparkling wine is characterized by its crisp, refreshing flavors and vibrant aromas. Its light and bubbly nature makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a less formal, more approachable wine without sacrificing depth or complexity.

The beauty of the Zardetto Spritz lies in its versatility. Whether it’s being enjoyed as a standalone aperitif, paired with light appetizers, or incorporated into sophisticated cocktails, it promises to elevate any occasion. Its delightful taste profile and effervescent character are complemented by the convenience of its packaging, making it an ideal option for picnics, intimate gatherings, or as a thoughtful component of a wine gift box.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are excited to offer the Zardetto Spritz 3pk 200mL as part of our curated selection of sparkling wines. We invite you to explore the elegance and joy that this exceptional wine brings to every sip, shipped directly to your doorstep, or available for local pickup and delivery in Commack, New York. Embark on a taste journey that celebrates the best of Italian sparkling wine, with Zardetto Spritz.

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