Santero – Extra Dry 750mL


Dive into the effervescent elegance of Santero Extra Dry, a sparkling wine from Italy’s revered vineyards. Part of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s curated selection, this 750mL bottle is a celebration of vibrant flavors, perfect for toasting life’s special moments. With nationwide shipping and local delivery in New York, elevate any occasion with this exquisite addition to your wine glass.

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Indulge in the effervescent elegance of Santero Extra Dry 750mL, a sparkling wine that epitomizes the rich tradition and quality that the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is renowned for. This exquisite selection from our wine rack is not just a beverage; it’s a journey to Italy, the heartland of the world’s most celebrated wines. Santero, a brand revered for its mastery in winemaking, presents this Extra Dry variant that is a testament to the meticulous care and expertise infused in every bottle.

The Santero Extra Dry is brilliantly versatile, featuring a finesse that makes it a perfect companion for celebrations or a serene moment by the glass. Its 750mL bottle encapsulates a symphony of delicate bubbles, a hallmark of its superior fermentation process. This sparkling wine exudes a sophisticated palette of flavors; imagine the playful dance of crisp apple and pear notes, gracefully entwined with floral undertones, leading to a refreshingly dry finish that lingers, inviting you for another sip.

Chosen by the discerning eyes at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this sparkling wine not only enriches our illustrious wine selection but also stands as a beacon of our commitment to bringing only the best to your wine glass. Whether you’re exploring the subtle complexities of dry white wines or embellishing a special occasion, the Santero Extra Dry is a choice that promises to elevate the experience. And for those looking to add a touch of personalization, this wine pairs splendidly with our wine bottle engraving service or as a centerpiece in a custom wine gift box, making it an unforgettable gesture for any celebration.

Embrace the craftsmanship of Italian winemaking with Santero Extra Dry from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant – where fine wine and good spirits meet expertise and passion.

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