Sun Moon – Aries 750mL


Discover Sun Moon Aries, a 750mL bottle of exceptional Shiraz/Syrah from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Hailing from the lush vineyards of Australia, this wine is a symphony of bold flavors, offering deep notes of dark fruits and spices that tantalize the palate. Perfect for any occasion, enjoy fast shipping across the US or local delivery in Long Island. Add elegance to your wine collection today.

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Sun Moon Aries 750mL is an exceptional choice from our curated selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, an emblem of sophistication and robust flavors that embodies the vibrant spirit of its provenance. Produced by the esteemed Sun Moon vineyards, this Shiraz (or Syrah as it’s known in some regions) is a testament to the rich tradition of winemaking that the brand is renowned for. Each bottle encapsulates the essence of the grapes harvested at their peak, ensuring a wine that resonates with the depth and complexity Sun Moon is celebrated for.

Hailing from the lush valleys renowned for their fertile soils and ideal climatic conditions for vine cultivation, Sun Moon Aries boasts a bold bouquet that is both enticing and evocative. With a 750mL volume, it perfectly serves an intimate gathering or a personal indulgence, promising an exquisite wine experience. The Sun Moon Aries offers a harmonious blend of dark fruit notes, pepper spice, and a subtle hint of oak, delivered in a rich, full-bodied palate that lingers satisfyingly after each sip.

As part of our diverse wine selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we’re excited to ship this outstanding bottle nationwide, promising a taste of fine wine craftsmanship to enthusiasts across all 50 states. This Shiraz/Syrah stands as a tribute to both the heritage of Sun Moon and the sophisticated palates of our clientele. It’s an ideal choice for connoisseurs seeking to explore beyond the ordinary, offering a unique narrative captured in every glass. Whether you’re gifting it within a wine gift box, adding a special touch with bottle engraving, or merely expanding your home collection, Sun Moon Aries is sure to impress.

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