Truth Be Told – Sauvignon Blanc 750mL


Discover the crisp and refreshing “Truth Be Told” Sauvignon Blanc, a 750mL bottle of fine wine from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This elegant white wine, renowned for its vibrant acidity and flavors of citrus and tropical fruits, is perfect for any occasion. Ideal for those who appreciate the fine craft of winemaking, it’s a must-have for your wine collection. Enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery.

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Discover the captivating essence of Truth Be Told, a Sauvignon Blanc that heralds from the esteemed vineyards renowned for producing some of the world’s finest wines. This 750mL bottle encapsulates the vibrant spirit of its origin, offering a refreshing and nuanced drinking experience. Crafted with meticulous care, Truth Be Told Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to the tradition of winemaking excellence, embodying the perfect balance between innovation and heritage.

Upon uncorking the bottle, you are greeted with an aromatic bouquet that entices the senses, hinting at the complex flavor profile within. This Sauvignon Blanc showcases a harmonious blend of ripe fruit and subtle herbaceous notes, making it an unparalleled choice for those who appreciate the finer aspects of wine tasting. The foreground is dominated by zesty citrus and delicate floral undertones, while a crisp, minerally finish ensures a lasting impression on the palate.

Whether you’re curating your wine selection at home or in search of a sophisticated gift, Truth Be Told Sauvignon Blanc is an exquisite addition. The Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, conveniently located in Commack, New York, and shipping nationwide, is proud to feature this exceptional wine among its carefully selected offerings. Add a touch of elegance to any occasion with a wine gift box or personalize the experience with bottle engraving services available for a small additional fee.

Embrace the opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of flavors that Truth Be Told Sauvignon Blanc has to offer. From our wine rack to your wine glass, this premier selection promises an unforgettable journey through the art of fine wine and good spirits.

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