M. Chapoutier – Banyuls 750mL


Explore the rich flavors of M. Chapoutier – Banyuls, a remarkable wine direct from France’s Rhone region, available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. With a 750mL bottle, this exquisite option showcases a unique taste, blending sweet and savory notes. Ideal for those who appreciate fine wine, it’s perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to your collection or gifting. Enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery.

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The Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your destination for fine wine and good spirits, is proud to offer the exquisite M. Chapoutier – Banyuls, a unique gem from the Rhone category in our wine selection. Nestled in Commack, New York, we’ve curated a collection that brings local and international flavors right to your doorstep, shipping to all 50 states for wine enthusiasts everywhere.

M. Chapoutier, a venerated name in the wine world, is renowned for its commitment to biodynamic farming, producing wines that truly reflect the terroir of their origins. This particular Banyuls is a testament to the rich heritage and meticulous winemaking process of the Maison Chapoutier, located in France. Crafted with Grenache grapes, this wine encapsulates the very essence of its French Mediterranean vineyard origins.

The Banyuls from M. Chapoutier is an exceptional wine that presents a harmonious blend of rich, velvety textures with complex flavors of ripe fruits, accentuated by undertones of cocoa and coffee. Its bottle, a standard 750mL, is perfect for sharing or savoring solo on a special occasion. This dessert wine exudes elegance and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for finishing a meal or complementing sweet and savory dishes alike.

For those looking to elevate their gift-giving, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers the option to add a fancy wine gift box or even engrave the bottle, turning this exquisite wine into a personalized keepsake. Whether you are near or far from Long Island, you can enjoy the luxury of having this premium wine delivered to your door, showcasing our store’s commitment to bringing the best of the wine world to your wine glass. This M. Chapoutier – Banyuls is more than just a bottle of wine; it’s an experience, waiting to be uncorked.

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