Casal De Ventozela

Casal De Ventozela – Alvarinho 750mL


Dive into the refreshing taste of Casal De Ventozela Alvarinho, a standout Portugese White Wine. Crafted in Portugal, this 750mL bottle embodies crisp flavors and aromatic bouquets, ideal for wine enthusiasts. Now available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, experience this fine selection with nationwide shipping or local delivery for a touch of elegance in every glass.

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Experience the refreshing elegance of Casal De Ventozela Alvarinho, a standout addition to our curated selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This exquisite white wine hails from the verdant vineyards of Portugal, a country celebrated for its rich winemaking heritage and unique grape varietals. With each 750mL bottle of Casal De Ventozela Alvarinho, you’re invited to embark on a taste journey that showcases the pinnacle of Portuguese craftsmanship.

Crafted with Alvarinho grapes, known for their aromatic complexity and vibrant acidity, this wine exemplifies the balance between tradition and innovation. On the palate, it reveals a spectrum of flavors, from delicate floral notes to luscious hints of ripe peach and apricot, underpinned by a subtle minerality that speaks to its terroir. Its elegant finish makes it a versatile companion for a variety of dishes, enhancing everything from fresh seafood to gourmet cheeses.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, our mission is to offer our customers not just a bottle, but an experience. The Casal De Ventozela Alvarinho is a testament to this, perfect for both connoisseurs seeking to expand their wine horizon and novices looking for an accessible entry into the world of Portugese whites. Embrace the opportunity to transform your wine glass into a portal to Portugal’s vinicultural wonders, whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening at home or commemorating a special occasion. Let us facilitate your journey with nationwide shipping, local delivery, and the option to add a personalized touch with our wine bottle engraving and exquisite wine gift boxes. Discover fine wine and good spirits with us.

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