Salmon Creek – Pinot Noir 1.5L


Discover the exquisite Salmon Creek Pinot Noir at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant! This 1.5L bottle hails from the lush vineyards of California, known for its rich, velvety flavors with hints of ripe cherry and a touch of oak. Perfect for any occasion, it’s a fantastic addition to your wine collection. Enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery. Elevate your wine experience with this fine selection.

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Discover the sophisticated elegance of Salmon Creek Pinot Noir, presented in a generous 1.5L bottle, tailored for the discerning palate that appreciates the fine craftsmanship of quality wine. This exquisite offering from the renowned Salmon Creek brand is a testament to the rich legacy of winemaking that has been cherished for generations. Crafted in the bountiful vineyards of California, a region celebrated for its ideal wine-growing conditions, this Pinot Noir is a harmonious blend of the traditional and the innovative.

The Salmon Creek Pinot Noir is distinguished by its delicate balance and depth of flavor. On the palate, it unfolds in layers of lush, ripe berries, nuanced by subtle hints of oak and a whisper of earthy undertones. The wine’s complexity is further enhanced by a velvety texture that gracefully coats the mouth, leading to an elegantly smooth finish. This wine pairs exceptionally well with a wide range of culinary delights, making it a versatile choice for any dining occasion.

For the enthusiasts of fine wine and good spirits on Long Island and beyond, the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is proud to offer this exceptional Pinot Noir. We provide an array of services including local pickup, speedy local delivery across Long Island, and we’re delighted to ship this and other select wines to all 50 states, ensuring that no matter where you are, the best of our wine rack can be enjoyed in your wine glass. Enhance your special occasions or surprise a loved one with this bottle, elegantly engraved or nestled within a sophisticated wine gift box, available for a modest additional fee. Delve into the world of fine wines with Salmon Creek Pinot Noir and let it be the centerpiece of your next cherished memory.

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