Santa Julia – Pinot Grigio 750mL


Discover the refreshing Santa Julia Pinot Grigio from our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 750mL bottle from Argentina offers a crisp, clean taste with hints of citrus and green apple, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. Elevate your wine collection with this exquisite selection, available for nationwide shipping and local delivery in Long Island. Ideal for pairing or as a thoughtful gift.

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Nestled among the premier selections at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, the Santa Julia Pinot Grigio stands as a testament to the store’s commitment to offering not just wines, but experiences. This fine wine hails from Argentina, a country renowned for its winemaking prowess, especially in the Mendoza region where Santa Julia crafts its exquisite beverages. The brand, known for its sustainable farming practices, brings to your wine glass a Pinot Grigio that is as kind to the planet as it is to the palate.

With each 750mL bottle, Santa Julia captures the essence of Argentinian terroir, offering a wine that is as refreshing as it is nuanced. This Pinot Grigio is a delightful testament to the grape’s potential, showcasing a perfect balance between acidity and fruitiness. Sip by sip, it unfolds layers of crisp apple, succulent pear, and a hint of floral aromatics, finishing with a clean, invigorating minerality that speaks to the meticulous care in vineyard and winery practices.

Ideal for any occasion, the Santa Julia Pinot Grigio is a versatile companion for light appetizers, seafood dishes, or enjoying on its own as a pre-dinner aperitif. Its elegance and accessibility make it a fitting option for those looking to explore the world of Pinot Grigio or for connoisseurs seeking a reliable favorite.

Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, with its vast selection and commitment to excellence, is proud to offer this exceptional Pinot Grigio, ensuring that whether you’re in Commack, New York, or ordering from across the 50 states, the perfect bottle of wine is never out of reach. In addition to solo enjoyment, consider enhancing this fine wine with a personalized wine gift box or engraving for that extra touch of thoughtfulness.

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