Homage – Pinot Grigio 750mL


Discover Homage Pinot Grigio, a splendid addition to the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s exquisite collection. Crafted with care, this 750mL bottle offers a refreshing and crisp taste, perfect for any occasion. From the sun-drenched vineyards to your wine glass, enjoy a touch of elegance with flavors that promise to delight. Available for delivery across all 50 states or local pickup in Commack, NY.

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Indulge in the taste of elegance with Homage Pinot Grigio, a captivating white wine selection from the esteemed Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Embracing the essence of fine wine craftsmanship, Homage Pinot Grigio offers a refreshing and sophisticated tasting experience, embodying the perfect balance of flavor and aroma that has become synonymous with the brand Homage. Originating from the sun-kissed vineyards of Italy, this exquisite wine carries the legacy of Italian winemaking tradition, presenting a unique blend of local viticulture and innovative wine production techniques.

Presented in a sleek 750mL bottle, Homage Pinot Grigio pours a light, delicate hue, hinting at the crisp and clean taste that awaits. On the palate, this wine reveals notes of ripe green apples, juicy pear, and hints of citrus zest, leading to a bright and refreshing finish that lingers pleasantly. Its elegant acidity and refined minerality make it a versatile companion to a wide array of dishes, from light seafood entrees to creamy pasta sauces, enhancing the dining experience with its harmonious flavors.

As part of the extensive wine selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, Homage Pinot Grigio is available for local pickup, local delivery within Long Island, and shipping across all 50 states, ensuring wine enthusiasts everywhere can enjoy the sublime taste of this fine Pinot Grigio. Whether you’re seeking to explore the nuances of Italian white wines, looking for the perfect gift in a wine gift box, or aiming to engrave a bottle for a special occasion, Homage Pinot Grigio stands as a testament to the world of fine wine and good spirits awaiting discovery.

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