Frizecco – Peach Moscato 750mL


Indulge in the exquisite taste of Frizecco Peach Moscato, a 750mL delight from the renowned vineyards of Italy. This luxurious wine combines the sweet flavors of ripe peaches with the delicate effervescence of Moscato, creating a perfect blend for any occasion. Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we welcome you to elevate your wine collection or gift this sophisticated bottle with our custom engraving service.

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Discover the effervescent charm of Frizecco Peach Moscato, an exquisite addition to the esteemed collection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This delightful 750mL bottle hails from the sunny vineyards of Italy, a country renowned for its rich winemaking heritage and the exceptional quality of its moscato. Frizecco Peach Moscato is a testament to the craftsmanship and passion that Italian winemakers pour into every bottle, offering a taste that’s as enchanting as the lands from which it originates.

With its delicate fusion of ripe peach essence and the sweetly aromatic moscato grape, Frizecco Peach Moscato serves as a perfect companion for both refined palates and those new to the world of fine wines. Each sip unfolds layers of lush peach flavor, intertwined with light, floral notes and a gentle fizz that dances on the tongue, making it an impeccable choice for celebrations, casual gatherings, or a tranquil evening at home.

Our online store, proudly based in Commack, New York on Long Island, is delighted to ship this splendid wine across all 50 states, ensuring that no matter where you reside, the joy of a fine wine experience is never beyond reach. Whether you’re looking to elevate your wine collection, gift a wine lover with something special, or simply indulge in the sweet serenity of a quality moscato, Frizecco Peach Moscato is available for nationwide shipping, local delivery, and pickup. Enhance the experience by adding a wine gift box or bottle engraving for an extra touch of elegance. Embrace the sophistication and delight that Frizecco Peach Moscato has to offer, a reflection of our commitment to bringing you the very best in fine wine and good spirits.

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