San Marco – Merlot 1.5L


Dive into the lush flavors of San Marco Merlot 1.5L, a fine selection from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Perfectly capturing the essence of its Italian roots, this Merlot offers a velvety texture with hints of ripe berries and a touch of oak. Ideal for any occasion, it’s available for nationwide shipping or local delivery in Long Island. Add elegance to your wine collection or gift it in a premium wine box.

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Discover the lush and inviting San Marco Merlot, a distinguished addition to the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s exquisite wine selection. This Merlot, hailing from the renowned vineyards of Italy, embodies the rich tradition of Italian winemaking, encapsulating the essence of the land in every 1.5L bottle. The San Marco brand, celebrated for its dedication to quality and flavor, delivers a Merlot that is both robust and velvety, making it a perfect choice for both connoisseurs and casual wine lovers alike.

With its deep ruby color, the San Marco Merlot invites you into a world of complex flavors and aromas. Expect to be greeted by a bouquet of ripe cherries and plums, subtly interwoven with delicate hints of oak and vanilla. The palate is treated to a harmonious blend of soft tannins and luscious fruit flavors, leading to a smooth, lingering finish that echoes the wine’s initial promise of quality and sophistication.

Ideal for any occasion, from a cozy dinner at home to a lavish celebration, this Merlot shines when paired with a range of dishes, including hearty pastas, grilled meats, and fine cheeses. Its versatility and welcoming character make it a standout choice for those looking to indulge in the simple pleasure of a well-crafted wine.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are thrilled to offer the San Marco Merlot 1.5L, assuring our customers of a wine that not only graces your wine glass with its rich flavors but also enriches your wine rack with a touch of Italian excellence. Whether opting for local delivery on Long Island, nationwide shipping, or adding it to a wine gift box for that special someone, the San Marco Merlot is a testament to the joy and beauty of fine wine.

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