Bodega De Arte – Malbec Gran Reserve 750mL


Experience the rich flavors of Argentina with Bodega De Arte Malbec Gran Reserve. From our selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this 750mL bottle of fine wine embodies deep berry notes, with a hint of oak and a velvety finish. Perfect for any occasion, it’s a standout in our wine collection. Order now for delivery nationwide or pick up locally in Commack, NY. Indulge in the art of wine.

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Discover the sublime elegance of Bodega De Arte Malbec Gran Reserve, a testament to the winemaking prowess found in the fertile wine regions of Argentina. This illustrious 750mL bottle reflects the full-bodied grace inherent in Argentinian Malbecs, capturing the essence of the grapes nurtured under the South American sun. Bodega De Arte, renowned for its dedication to crafting exquisite wines, presents this Malbec as part of its esteemed portfolio, highlighting a harmony of flavor and sophistication.

The Malbec Gran Reserve boasts a deep ruby color, engaging the eye before it even tantalizes the palate. Upon the first sip, it unfolds layers of complex flavors, starting with ripe fruits like blackberries and plums, elegantly intertwined with subtle hints of vanilla and chocolate, thanks to its meticulous aging process in oak barrels. This well-rounded wine presents a delightful balance of acidity and sweetness, culminating in a lingering, smooth finish that beckons for another taste.

Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a wine that marries tradition with a flair of modernity, the Malbec Gran Reserve stands as a flagship representation of its type. Whether you’re looking to elevate a special dinner, seeking the perfect gift — perhaps even enhanced further with our wine bottle engraving service — or simply aiming to expand your wine selection, this Malbec from Bodega De Arte is an impeccable choice. From our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s vast selection, we are excited to offer this exceptional wine, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep, wherever you are in the US, with our efficient national shipping service.

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