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Experience the elegance of Italian winemaking with Damilano’s Arneis, a standout in our selection of fine white wines. Crafted in Italy, this 750mL bottle offers a refreshing taste with subtle flavors perfect for any occasion. Ideal for those who appreciate fine wine, it embodies the essence of Italian viticulture. Perfect for gifting or enjoying at home, find it at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant.

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Indulge in the unique elegance of Damilano Arneis, a distinguished addition to Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s carefully curated collection of Italian whites. This exquisite 750mL bottle represents the epitome of Italian winemaking tradition, brought to you from the heart of Italy’s renowned wine country. Damilano, a brand celebrated for its dedication to quality and tradition, crafts this Arneis with the utmost care, ensuring each sip transcends the ordinary.

Arneis, often referred to as Piedmont’s white gem, offers a harmonious blend of luscious fruit and refined floral aromas. Damilano’s interpretation of this varietal exemplifies why the Arneis grape has earned its place among Italy’s most cherished whites. With a bouquet that evokes hints of pear, apricot, and zesty citrus, followed by delicate whispers of white flowers, this wine enchants the senses from the first encounter. On the palate, it is elegantly structured, balancing its fruit-driven vibrancy with a crisp, refreshing acidity that leads to a satisfying, clean finish.

Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things, Damilano Arneis pairs splendidly with a wide range of dishes, from seafood to light pastas, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your wine selection at home or searching for that perfect gift, consider adding a personalized touch with our wine bottle engraving service, or present it in a luxurious wine gift box for that extra special touch.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we’re proud to offer this magnificent Damilano Arneis, embodying our commitment to bringing the finest wine and spirits from around the globe to your doorstep. Savor the outstanding quality of this Italian white, and let us deliver the essence of Italy’s wine heritage to you, wherever you are in the US.

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