Durio – Barbera 750mL


Experience the exquisite taste of Italy with Durio – Barbera. A highlight of our fine selection, this 750mL red wine is a testament to Italy’s rich winemaking tradition. Perfect for your wine glass, it’s a robust choice with vibrant fruit flavors. Order from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant for nationwide shipping or local delivery on Long Island. Elevate your evening with this Italian treasure.

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Nestled within the vast selection of the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, the Durio Barbera stands out as a gem for any wine enthusiast. This exquisite Italian red wine hails from the rolling hills of Italy, a country renowned for its rich viticultural history and its mastery in wine-making. The Durio Barbera, with its 750mL bottle, is a prime example of Italy’s commitment to quality and tradition.

Crafted from the Barbera grape, a variety known for its deep color, low tannins, and high acidity, this wine promises a taste that is both robust and refined. The Durio Barbera encapsulates the essence of the region, offering a palate of ripe cherry and blackberry notes, complemented by a subtle hint of spice and a smooth finish. This wine’s natural acidity and fruit-forward profile make it an excellent companion to a wide array of dishes, elevating meals from simple pasta dishes to more complex meaty entrees.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a bottle with dinner, seeking the perfect wine to complete your collection, or searching for a special gift, the Durio – Barbera is an incredible choice. Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant enhances this offering with services like nationwide shipping, local pickup, and even thoughtful additions such as wine gift boxes and bottle engraving for that personal touch. Ideal for both the seasoned wine lover and the curious newcomer, this Barbera is more than just a bottle of wine – it’s an experience waiting to be uncorked.

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