Bonneau Du Martray

Bonneau Du Martray – Corton Charlemagne 750mL


Discover the essence of French elegance with Bonneau Du Martray’s Corton Charlemagne, a premier choice from our fine wine selection. Produced in France, this exquisite 750mL white wine offers a sublime tasting experience, perfect for special occasions or enhancing your wine collection. Experience the sophisticated flavors and add a touch of luxury to your wine glass with this distinguished vineyard’s masterpiece.

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Discover the elegance and refinement of Bonneau Du Martray – Corton Charlemagne, a distinctive French white wine that encapsulates the rich heritage and meticulous winemaking tradition of its origin. Proudly featured at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this premium wine is a testament to the excellence and sophistication our liquor store embodies, offering an unparalleled wine selection that ships across all 50 states from our base in Commack, New York.

Bonneau Du Martray, a revered brand within the wine connoisseur community, crafts this exquisite white wine in the prestigious Burgundy region of France. Specifically, it hails from the Corton-Charlemagne appellation, renowned for producing some of the world’s most celebrated white wines. The Corton Charlemagne by Bonneau Du Martray is a beautiful expression of Chardonnay, delivering a harmonious blend of richness, elegance, and complexity.

This remarkable wine, contained in a 750mL bottle, captivates with its intensity and balance. A sip reveals layers of flavor, from ripe citrus and orchard fruits to refined hints of minerality and oak, culminating in a long, satisfying finish. It’s not just a wine; it’s an experience, making it perfect for special occasions, as a sophisticated addition to your wine collection, or as a thoughtful gift in our custom wine gift boxes.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we take pride in curating a selection that meets the expectations of wine lovers, whether you’re exploring dry white wines, seeking out the best in wine and spirits, or indulging in the luxury of wine tasting from the comfort of your home. The Bonneau Du Martray – Corton Charlemagne is more than just a fine wine; it’s a journey through the rich tapestry of French winemaking excellence, waiting to be discovered by you.

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