Croix De Chene – Merlot/syrah 750mL


Discover the exquisite Croix De Chene Merlot/Syrah from France, a select offering at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 750mL bottle features a harmonious blend that perfectly captures the essence of fine French Red wine. Its rich flavors and velvety texture epitomize the sophisticated palate. Ideal for those seeking a distinguished addition to their wine collection. Nationwide shipping available.

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The Croix De Chene Merlot/Syrah blend is a quintessential representation of French winemaking excellence, seamlessly combining the rich, velvety smoothness of Merlot with the spicy undertones and vibrant strength of Syrah. This 750mL treasure hails from the sun-drenched vineyards of France, a country revered for its centuries-old winemaking heritage and its unfailing dedication to creating wines of unparalleled taste and quality.

Each bottle of Croix De Chene embodies the spirit of its homeland, offering a tasting journey that begins with an inviting aroma, hinting at dark fruits like plums and blackberries, mingling with subtle notes of pepper, vanilla, and a touch of earthiness, characteristic of the Syrah grape. The palate is equally delightful, presenting a balanced blend that is both complex and accessible. The luscious Merlot provides a soft, fruity base, while the Syrah adds layers of spice, creating a harmonious finish that is long, smooth, and utterly satisfying.

This exquisite blend is a perfect choice for those who seek to explore the depth of French red wines. It pairs wonderfully with a wide range of dishes, from hearty meats to sophisticated cheeses, making it an excellent companion for dinner parties or a quiet evening at home. The versatility of this wine also makes it a splendid addition to any wine enthusiast’s collection, offering the opportunity to experience the best of what French vineyards have to offer.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are proud to offer the Croix De Chene Merlot/Syrah blend, delivering it straight to your doorstep with our nationwide shipping or through our local delivery and pickup services in Commack, New York. Whether you’re looking to indulge in the richness of French wine or searching for the perfect gift in a wine gift box or personalized with bottle engraving, this wine promises to captivate and enchant.

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