Bread & Butter – Chardonnay 750mL


Experience the lush, creamy textures of Bread & Butter Chardonnay, a standout selection from California. Each bottle delivers a harmony of ripe fruit and toasted oak flavors, perfect for those evenings you wish to indulge. Available now at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this 750mL gem is a top choice for aficionados seeking comfort in a glass. Fast shipping across all 50 states or local pickup.

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Bread & Butter Chardonnay 750mL is the epitome of opulence and elegance, stemming from the lush vineyards of California, USA. This exquisite wine embodies the true spirit of American winemaking, offering a rich tapestry of flavors that cater to the sophisticated palate. As a proud offering of the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this Chardonnay stands as a testament to our commitment to bringing our customers not just wine, but an experience that transcends the ordinary.

With each sip of Bread & Butter Chardonnay, you’re greeted by a harmonious blend of ripe fruit and oak. The meticulously crafted wine features a core of juicy, ripe pears, apples, and tropical fruit notes, beautifully complemented by undertones of vanilla and toasted oak from the careful aging process. Its creamy texture and balanced acidity make it an incredibly smooth and approachable wine, inviting you to indulge in glass after glass.

This Chardonnay is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, including the art of winemaking. Ideal for serving at your next dinner party or enjoying on a quiet evening at home, it pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, from light salads and seafood to richer poultry and cream-based pasta dishes. Housed in an elegantly designed bottle, it also serves as a thoughtful gift for any wine lover.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we understand the importance of providing a wide wine selection, and the Bread & Butter Chardonnay is a shining example of our commitment to quality. Whether you’re opting for alcohol delivery to your doorstep anywhere in the 50 states, local pickup, or local delivery in Commack, New York, this wine promises convenience without compromise. Elevate your wine collection and savor the rich, comforting flavors of Bread & Butter Chardonnay.

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