Winemode – Pais 250mL


Discover the unique flavors of Winemode’s Pais in a convenient 250mL bottle, a perfect introduction to the rich heritage of Chilean wine. Ideal for your wine selection, this cabernet packs sweet and fruit-forward notes. Great for gifting or enjoying at home, our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant delivers this exquisite choice nationwide, adding a touch of luxury to your wine glass.

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Delight in the exquisite experience offered by the Winemode – Pais 250mL, a meticulously curated selection from the esteemed Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This sophisticated bottle is part of our carefully selected wine portfolio that bridges the gap between the treasured vineyards and your wine glass. The Pais variety, a testament to the rich wine heritage, holds a special place among enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike for its deeply rooted history and unique flavor profile.

Originating from the verdant valleys of Chile, this Cabernet is crafted with passion by Winemode, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. The compact 250mL bottle is a testament to Winemode’s commitment to offering exceptional wine experiences in conveniently sized servings, perfect for those moments when indulgence calls for just the right measure.

Featuring a rich, nuanced palette, the Pais variety presents a delightful journey through its light, fruity notes balanced delicately with an undercurrent of subtle earthiness. This makes it an exceptional companion to both hearty meat dishes and light, garden-fresh salads. The wine’s versatility and gentle tannins ensure it’s a fit for both casual gatherings and important celebrations, especially when paired with the personalized touch of a wine gift box or bottle engraving offered by Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant.

Whether you’re a resident of Commack, New York, or residing in any of the other 49 states, this premier liquor store ensures the Winemode – Pais 250mL along with an extensive selection of fine wines and spirits is just a click away. With nation-wide shipping, local delivery, and pickup options, it’s never been easier to enrich your collection with this distinct, savory choice that promises to elevate your wine tasting experience. Embrace the elegance, heritage, and unmatched taste of Winemode – Pais 250mL, a reflection of both tradition and modern-day winemaking mastery.

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